Our Insurance Partnership

Avondale Mortgage and Avondale Insurance Group have partnered with HUB International to provide you a vast network of experts who will help you reach your goals through risk services, claims management, and compliance support.  And this gives you the peace of mind that what matters most to you will be protected — through unrelenting advocacy and tailored insurance solutions that put you in control.

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Avondale Insurance Partnership

Personal Lines

Home Insurance

The setting for your family’s life, all those memories, a home is much more than just a house. But no matter how well you maintain it, there are innumerable risks you face as a homeowner over which you have no control. For those occasions, a rock-solid homeowner’s policy is just the ticket.

Auto Insurance

At the very least, it’s an annoying necessity. At best, it’s a peace of mind against any number of on the road pitfalls, from fender benders that are no fault of your own to uninsured drivers you can’t avoid. Auto insurance isn’t a luxury; it’s a legal necessity.

Life Insurance

Ultimately, insurance isn’t about protecting you. It’s about protecting your loved ones against situations and threats you can’t predict or control. And the fullest expression of the care you take in this regard is the life and disability insurance you provide for their benefit.

Far beyond term and universal, there are over a dozen different life insurance types that all have their place depending on your needs. Our courteous, conscientious professionals understand them inside and out and can recommend.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance refers to extra liability insurance. The insurance provides liability coverage in excess of other policies.

Jewlery Insurance

We provide all types of jewelry insurance, including engagement ring insurance. Watches, earrings, and even loose stones being setup – yep, we cover those too.